Public relations services for the First Healthy Ageing Congress

The Foundation for Healthy Ageing (2014)


The project’s purpose was to raise the social awareness of the need for the conscientious development of a strategy on ageing for Poland.

Target groups

Politicians, local government officials, representatives of the medical and scientific communities, the media


30-31 January 2014

Scope of works (or issues to be solved)

Vision Group also managed the logistics of adjusting a museum exhibition space for the requirements of a scientific conference.

Over the Congress duration, Vision oversaw the smooth running of the event, its media coverage and provided on-site services for the guests and speakers: politicians, local government officials, eminent doctors and researchers.


  • During the two days of the Congress, 30 speakers were interviewed by the media.
  • Fifty-three journalists received media accreditation.
  • The Congress was featured in 146 publications, including 26 materials broadcast on radio and TV.