„Na zdrowie, posłowie!” (“Parliamentarians, do your check-ups!”) – the organisation of a social event in the Sejm of Poland

The Polish Professional Self-government of Nurses and Midwives (2011)


The action was designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and draw the attention of the public and Polish parliamentarians to the fact that regular medical check-ups are necessary to avoid dangerous health complications in the future. The project also aimed at improving the image of the nurses and midwives as medical professions.

Target groups

Parliamentarians, the media


21 December 2011

Scope of works (or issues to be solved)

Vision Group was responsible for the conceptual development and implementation of the event. Our work included reaching out to the speakers of the both parliament’s houses, managing the event’s logistics, including the adjustment of the Parliament’s premises to the needs of the event, inviting parliamentarians to attend and liaising with the media covering the event.


  • The action has debunked the common stereotype that basic medical check-ups are time-consuming and require a doctor’s appointment. The project proved, to the Polish parliamentarians and the public, that a check-up takes only 15 minutes and can be done by a nurse.
  • The impressive number of 200 parliamentarians attended the nurses’ stand at the event’s day.
  • Representatives of the professional association of nurses and midwives had numerous occasions to talk to politicians.
  • Politicians learned that in some cases nurses and midwives can substitute for doctors, say during check-ups and an initial diagnosis;
  • Politicians declared the willingness to support the proposals of the professional association of nurses and midwives.