PR is not just about image but also about building trust.

That is why we have perfected the art of communicating with the media, our clients, and the clients of our clients.

We are not afraid of confrontation and believe that dialogue is more interesting than monologue.

Our task is to make others understand and appreciate what you do, regardless of how “difficult” your line of business or project is.

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Employer branding and internal communication

This practice area involves the creation of an employer’s image, inside and outside the organisation, which is a crucial factor driving the development of businesses and institutions built on the foundation of talent.

Scope or work:

  • Development of comprehensive image-building strategies for employers

  • Formulation of an internal information policy

  • Supporting change management processes

  • Communication support for talent recruitment

  • Implementation of a plethora of projects, including PR, social media, ATL or BTL projects, and the development of information materials for such projects.